Without Arek and Renaissance Creations, my new Ikea kitchen would have never happened! My husband and I recently purchased a very old home that needs a lot of work, and the kitchen was one of our first projects. We wanted to make good use of our small space, but needed to be budget conscience so we selected Ikea cabinets. Still, Ikea cabinets are stock and to get the most mileage of our space, we were going to need to make some adjustments to several of the cabinets including cutting down the sizes of a few. We paid extra for the Ikea Kitchen Measuring & Planning service and thought we had it all figured out. We expected that our installer would just need to show up and install. BOY, were we wrong!! It turns out that Ikea completely botched our shipment, they sent the wrong drawer sizes for our cabinets, sent drawers without cabinets, forgot to deliver our sink base…the list of things that went wrong with Ikea goes on and on. Through it all, Arek was kind and patient and even went beyond the call of duty and packed up all of the returns on his truck, drove me out to Ikea, and spent nearly 3 hours there with me while we sorted it all out– this on a snowy Saturday when he could’ve just gone home. We are nearly at the end of the process now, and the kitchen is looking great! There are a few more doors to be installed (still waiting on Ikea!) but I am so excited that the end is near and it looks great. None of this would have been possible without Arek and his company. I highly recommend them!

– Deborah, West New York, NJ


We are so pleased with the results of our custom kitchen. The color and composition of the cabinetry is superb. Everyone who visits our home has commented on what an extraordinary kitchen we have. Arek showed amazing patients in dealing with us resulting in making our dream kitchen come true.

– Sam & Debra, Englewood NJ


Arek is a professional throughout the entire process. From the initial estimate to the finishing touches, he and his team were exceptional in their work, their attitude and their results! I highly recommend them.

– Jerry & Kate, Mendham NJ


Arek and his team at Renaissance Creations created a wonderful new kitchen for us. From the beautiful cabinetry to the small details that make the work stand out, the transformation of this space astonishes everyone who enters it. The elegant, yet functional design has created a place where friends and family are drawn to gather. We thank Arek and his team for their time and dedication on this project.

– Rachel & Jason


Arek and his team were extremely professional, met time expectations and their craftsmanship was second to none. With some stain mismatch between my old and new custom created cabinets Arek took (at no additional charge)my old cabinet faces stripped and refinished to match them identically and reinstalled as quickly as we could’ve hoped for. His work, creativity and professionalism were exactly what one might expect when hiring someone with his custom artistry levels. I’d gladly use Renaissance Creations again and will for some future work in my great room when funding finally permits.
Details on the job:
Kitchen Expansion, old cabinets were no longer available and we needed customs to match our existing kitchen. Wanted some special drawers and racks which were of NO issue to Arek and team.